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Lide Dubai | Gitex News | Rodrigo x Sidney

Strategic Networking Event Charts the Course for Future Business Perceptions


In a notable convergence of corporate and diplomatic interests, Mr. Rodrigo Paiva, the President of LIDE Dubai, had the privilege of meeting Mr. Sidney Leon Romeiro, the newly appointed Ambassador of Brazil to the UAE, on the inaugural day of GITEX 2023. This significant meeting transpired in the context of the GITEX event, recognised as the world's largest and most inclusive technology congregation, emphasising its pivotal role in shaping the future business landscape.


As the leader of LIDE Dubai, a distinguished hub for collaborative entrepreneurship and innovation, Mr. Rodrigo Paiva underscores the intrinsic value of cultivating strategic relationships. The encounter was enriched by the participation of distinguished individuals, including Mrs. Tatiana Riera, the COO of Apex Middle East, and Mr. Gustavo Golcalves, the CEO of 4revops, highlighting the importance of establishing robust partnerships for a more promising future.


Ambassador Sidney Leon Romeiro, a seasoned diplomat and Director of the Department of the Middle East at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, boasts a remarkable history of international engagement and has been honoured with numerous national and international distinctions. His presence at GITEX underscores the growing significance of UAE-Brazil relations, as it fosters global cooperation and opens new avenues for economic and cultural exchange.


GITEX 2023, the preeminent global technology summit, convenes technology luminaries, inventors, academics, researchers, and developers to drive technological advancements and the application of artificial intelligence across a wide spectrum of business sectors. With ten co-located events, each meticulously tailored to specific domains such as AI, cybersecurity, telecommunications, mobility, and sustainable technology, GITEX promises to be a catalyst for transformative industry developments.


The encounter between Mr. Rodrigo Paiva and Ambassador Sidney Leon Romeiro at GITEX 2023 serves as an exemplar of the efficacy of collaboration and strategic networking within the continually evolving business milieu, marking the commencement of a promising future for LIDE Dubai and its strategic business outlook.