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Mohamed Jassim Al Rais: Spearheading Innovation as Chairman of LIDE Emirates

In a significant move within the corporate landscape of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed Jassim Al Rais takes the helm as the Chairman of LIDE Emirates. As the Chairman and CEO of Al Rais Investment, Mohamed brings a wealth of experience and visionary leadership to this exclusive community.


With roots dating back to 2002, Mohamed's journey in the Al Rais business began with active participation in the Management Development Program. A graduate of the American University, Sharjah, in 2006, he further honed his skills through a Leadership Program at the esteemed London Business School and Barclay University, San Francisco. Additionally, his commitment to excellence is underscored by his certification in IATA Management.


Under Mohamed's leadership, Al Rais Investment has positioned itself as a significant player, being the Owner and Partner of various entities, including Al Rais Travel & Shipping Agencies LLC, Al Rais Tours & Holidays LLC, Al Rais Cargo LLC, A1 Business Center, Al Rais Rent a Car LLC, Kangaroo Services, and Al Rais Real Estates.


Now, assuming the role of Chairman at LIDE Emirates, Mohamed Jassim Al Rais spearheads the community as an incubator for innovation, collaboration, and unparalleled business growth in the UAE. LIDE Emirates serves as a dynamic platform where ambitious entrepreneurs, visionary CEOs, seasoned experts, adept managers, and influential players converge, fostering a culture where innovation thrives through connectivity.


In a statement regarding his new role, Mohamed expressed his optimism for the future. "We are excited about strengthening ties with Brazil and envision LIDE Emirates as a key player in fostering success. Our commitment is to create an environment where collaborative excellence paves the way for transformative growth."


As Mohamed Jassim Al Rais embarks on this new chapter as Chairman of LIDE Emirates, the community anticipates a future marked by innovation, collaboration, and enduring success in the business landscape.