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LIDE EMIRATES | Strategic Leaders Discuss Partnerships for Agenda D33 in Visionary Meeting

Recently, the president of Lide Emirates, Rodrigo, met with prominent figures from Dubai's economic and tourism landscape, including Mohammad Ali Al Kamali, Deputy CEO of Dubai Industries and Exports, Nasser Al Suwadi, and Mansoor Abdullatif, both Advisors at the Dubai Economy and Tourism Department. The meeting was a platform for strategic discussions on D32 and the prospects for the ambitious Agenda D33.

Together, these visionary leaders explored collaboration opportunities and innovative initiatives to drive sustainable economic growth in Dubai. One of the key objectives outlined during the meeting was the collective commitment to make Dubai the fastest, safest, and most connected city in the world by 2033.

The D32, an integral part of the journey to achieve the ambitious goals of Agenda D33, was a crucial point of discussion. This strategic phase involves conceptualising disruptive and transformative projects that align with Dubai's values and goals for sustainable economic growth.

The presence of Lide Emirates President, Rodrigo, in this high-level meeting underscores Lide Dubai's commitment to fostering strategic partnerships and promoting discussions that drive innovation and economic development in the region.

This meeting represented a significant step in strengthening collaboration between key sectors, consolidating joint strategies to pave the way towards a more prosperous and technologically advanced Dubai.

For further updates and developments on the strategic discussions for Agenda D33 and the actions resulting from the meeting among leaders, stay tuned for the upcoming updates from Lide Emirates.